Indexing in Sailpoint IIQ

Indexing in Sailpoint IIQ

Indexing in Sailpoint IIQ In this blog I’ll discuss the importance of Indexing in Sailpoint IIQ. Before we correlate database indexing with the context of Sailpoint, Let’s discuss indexing first. What is Indexing in Database? Indexes are used to improve the search efficiency. INDEXING is a data structure technique which will help us to quickly retrieve […]

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Learn How to set up SailPoint project from scratch

SailPoint – Identity management

Today Identity Management software is the need of each and every organization. Identity Management is the process by which enterprises manage identities lifecycle. Sailpoint offers a very unique solution for managing identities. SailPoint Enables You to Efficiently Manage Digital Identities, Securely and Confidently In the market, there are many identity management tools available but

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