Indexing in Sailpoint IIQ

Indexing in Sailpoint IIQ

Indexing in Sailpoint IIQ

In this blog I’ll discuss the importance of Indexing in Sailpoint IIQ. Before we correlate database indexing with the context of Sailpoint, Let’s discuss indexing first.

What is Indexing in Database?

Indexes are used to improve the search efficiency. INDEXING is a data structure technique which will help us to quickly retrieve records from a database file.
Index record consists of two fields.


Block pointer – Pointer to the block where “key” is available

Few characteristics about Indexes.

  • Index is an ordered file
  • A binary search is used.
  • To access a record using index, the average no of block access required is
    log2 Bi+1, where Bi is an index block.
  • Indexes can be created on any field of relation (primary key, candidate key or non-key).

Importance of Indexing in context with Sailpoint

Sailpoint stores all the application-specific data in a database. You may use Oracle Database, MySQL or any other database while installing Sailpoint.

Whenever a customer wants to make any attribute searchable, then these indexing concepts comes into the picture. In order to make any attribute searchable we need to make sure whether the attribute is indexed in the database level or not.

Query to fetch Sailpoint default index

TABLE_SCHEMA = ‘identityiq’;

Indexes on spt_identity table

Watch the full video here.

Indexing in Sailpoint

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