Sailpoint IIQ

Live Masterclass on Sailpoint IIQ training

In the last few years, Sailpoint has proved itself to be the best in the Identity Management area. As per the Gartner report, It’s in the leader’s quadrant for the past few years.

You may read my previous post of Sailpoint to get some more insight.

Nowadays it’s very much challenging for us to cope up with this volatile market. Every month a new tool is coming in the market in the Identity and access management domain. We need to prepare ourselves to cope up with the changes.

There are many institutions that claim they are the best in teaching Identity and access management, But how would you trust them.
Hence Identity classes come up with a unique solution that you may go through some of the sample videos before enrolling in the full course.
Before enrolling in the live batches, we have something called Master class where the instructor will teach you the subject at a very nominal price. Once you get satisfied with the content and the teaching methodology then only enroll in the course.

We have an upcoming master class on Sailpoint IIQ training which is scheduled for 4th and 5th April 2020. You may register the course here.

In this upcoming masterclass, we will cover the below topics.

Live Masterclass on Sailpoint - Day 1
Live Masterclass on Sailpoint – Day 1
Live Masterclass on Sailpoint - Day 2
Live Masterclass on Sailpoint – Day 2

Identity classes also conducting training on SailPoint, If you are interested kindly fill up the required details in the form to confirm your registration. If you have any concerns/query please reach out to our support desk at or Whatsapp us at +91-9046881874. You may download the syllabus from here.