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SailPoint – Identity management

Today Identity Management software is the need of each and every organization. Identity Management is the process by which enterprises manage identities lifecycle. Sailpoint offers a very unique solution for managing identities.

SailPoint Enables You to Efficiently Manage Digital Identities, Securely and Confidently


In the market, there are many identity management tools available but as per Gartner’s latest report, SailPoint is the leader in Identity and Governance domain.

Gartner report

Every Identity management tool is subdivided into the below-mentioned categories.

  • Reconciliation/Aggregation
  • Provisioning
  • Auditing and compliance
  • Business Process/workflow

In this section, we will discuss the overview of a few of these terminologies.


Reconciliation/aggregation is the process by which any identity management software receives the data from the target system.
Depending upon the type of target system, reconciliation basically consists of two type

  1. Trusted reconciliation/Authoritative Source aggregation
  2. Target reconciliation/Non-authoritative source reconciliation


Provisioning is the process by which operations such as user creation, modification, or deletion which start on SailPoint are communicated to the target system. In Simple Provisioning equals Granting access/Modifying access or revoking access to/from the target system.
Provisioning can be –

  • Request-based
  • Policy-based.

Overview of SailPoint

Overview of SailPoint

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