Story of an IDAM Professional

Story of an IDAM Professional

It’s all started in Jan 2014, with a base salary of 2.75 Lacs per Annum I had joined Wipro Technologies. I Got trained in the IAM domain and assigned to a project.
As the days passed, I was getting more and more frustrated with this IT culture. I had decided to come out of this IT. There was only one option left for me that was GATE. I had put my entire focus towards GATE and secured a rank of 1000. This was a decent rank but with this rank, I was not getting any of my dream colleges.
1.5 years have passed, but I was still standing in the same position. I had tried many options to earn a good amount of money but failed. I even tried the option of philosophy and created this blog.

Imagination Sea
Imagination Sea

When I was left with no option, I asked one of my seniors How to protect myself with this IT politics?.
He laughed at me and said…
Amit you don’t need to waste your energy on this, simply try to enhance your technical expertise. No one will even think of playing any sort of game with you.
This was the turning point of my entire journey…
I had put my entire focus and energy to learn Identity and access management and achieved this position where I am standing today. When I look back and try to connect the dots, I could relate all the events that happened to me. The entire purpose of those events was to push me towards my destination i.e. to make me a good teacher.
How? Let me tell you.

Destiny awaiting

GATE helped me to increase my technical knowledge and philosophy helped me to increase my thinking abilities.
Dec 2016, I’ve published my first video on YouTube that was on Oracle Unified Directory.YouTube has given me the platform through which I was able to get the attention of the professionals towards me.
July 2017, A professional named Venkat called me over the phone and asked me to train him on Oracle Identity Manager. I started my first live batch on OIM and within a few days, 5 more people joined.
From then onwards I’ve trained more than 150+ professionals and gained more than 1350+ YouTube subscribers. Professional all around the world appreciated me in my teaching methodology.

Client appreciation

I was also from one of you. With hard work and proper determination, you can also achieve everything in life, but be patient, sometimes good things may take time.

Amit Kumar Gupta( CEO, Founder – Identity Classes )